Temporarily closing waiting list

I am temporarily closing my waitlist until I get caught up with orders.  I will be reopening the list in September 2021.  Thanks for your patience. 



I now offer drones, please feel free to check

them out on the Drones Page, Click Here.


I've Updated my chanter's mounts and ferrules,

check them out on the Chanter Page, click here.

Uilleann Pipes made by Josh Bailey.  I currently make practice uilleann pipe sets for sale.  These include the chanter, bag, and bellows.  I started making Uilleann pipes in 2013.  I strive to make pipes that are easy to play with a very vibrant tone.  Click here If you would like to hear the Uilleann chanter.  To see photos of the chanter click here.  And for photos of the bag and bellows click here. The Waiting list for drones is now officially open.  If you have interest please message me using the form. I have started the very early stages of my regulator design, it will probably be a while before I start selling them.  I will add a drone page to my site soon so you can check out the progress if you like.  Thanks for your patience.   

If you would like a price quote or get put on the waiting list please fill out the form.  
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I am making hand-stitched Uilleann pipe bellows and hand-stitched Uilleann Pipe Bags.  I am currently working from a set of measurements provided by 
NPU of a Leo Rowsome chanter.  

My Uilleann Pipe workshop is currently based out of Lexington Kentucky USA.  But I will be moving the shop to Boston, Massachusetts near the end of the year.    


A new project I have going on is a study into C chanters based on Coyne.  If you would like to see that work click here.


If you have any questions you can contact me at josh@baileypipes.com.