Moving to Boston

We are moving to Boston at the end of August 2019.  My shop will be closed for a couple of months while we buy a new home and get setup.  I will still be available for questions, and can still take orders, just can't give firm dates on when it can be finished.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  ~Josh

My drones are heavily inspired by the teaching of Bill Haneman.  You can visit his site at My drones feature all hand rolled tapered ferrules to help ensure that your drones will not crack.  The bore on the tuning slides has been bullet tapered to help with stability.  My main stocks are all hollow main stocks.  This will help your reeds stay in tune through a phenomenon called phase locked.  If one reed wants to be out of tune the others will help pull it back in tune.  Also, hollow stocks allow the stock to resonate which improve the tone of the drones.  I also orient my drones a little different than most makers.  The bass drone is in the middle of the tenor and baritone.  This allows for three things to happen.  One, the drones are much more compact and sit flat on your leg with no need to try to figure out which direction to put the bass drone bend.  Two, your leg is much less likely to knock your drones tuning out of whack, this is especially good for those who move their leg a lot when playing regs.   And three, it's much easier to reach and two all of the drones, the baritone is on the outside instead of the middle.  

Photos are of my first prototype set but will give you a general idea.  Will upload photos of new version soon, once completely completed.  Thanks for checking out my drone page.

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