My Uilleann Pipe bags are made from special leather that has both sides of the leather tanned specifically for making pipe bags.  The leather comes from Waltham Tannery Co in Lincolnshire, UK.  I hand stitch all my bags.  My current bag design is a mix of the Leo Rowsome design and the Cillian O'briain design.  I find this design works very well with my chanters.  It comes in different neck lengths to accommodate different sized players or chanters.  

My Bellows are made of various woods, all depends on what I have in stock at the time.  All of my bellows are hand stitched, and the gussets are made of a double layer of leather.  A thick inner leather and a thin decorative leather on the outside that creates an inside bead for the stitches to really dig down into so the air does not escape.  I am currently making my bellows with brass fittings, brass buckles, brass strap holders, and leather belts.  The leather belts are handmade by me.  The belts are made from premium drum dyed leather from Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Hermann Oak name has become synonymous with high quality.  My bellows feature brass buckles and the belts are rounded over for comfort.  Please note that my waist belts are placed at an angle to help the bellows get up out of the way of drones and regs, also to ensure the inlet valve does not get covered by the arm.

Temporarily closing waiting list

I am temporarily closing my waitlist until I get caught up with orders.  I will be reopening the list in September 2021.  Thanks for your patience.